Access to Electronic Records

PPM Section 310-24 establishes the policy for the privacy of UC Davis employees' electronic records and the procedures for departments to request access to those records, consistent with the UC systemwide Electronic Communications Policy (ECP). 

Departments that require access to users' records should request access from the user through the Access With Consent form, below. 

Access without consent may be approved only in the following limited circumstances:

  1. When required by and consistent with law.
  2. When there are time-dependent, critical operational circumstances.
  3. When there are compelling circumstances that preclude the holder’s consent.
    (Compelling circumstances is defined by the ECP as c
    ircumstances in which failure to act might result in significant bodily harm, significant property loss or damage, loss of significant evidence of one or more violations of law or of University policies listed in Appendix C, Policies Relating to Access Without Consent, or significant liability to the University or to members of the University community.)
  4. When there is substantiated reason to believe that violations of the law or University policies have taken place.

Access Forms